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Evian Bottled Water In China

Evian, a French brand of bottled mineral water, is renowned for being amongst the best in the world. Evian has international distribution, although it comes from a select few sources near Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva.

First made famous by the Marquis of Lessert who drank this natural mineral water as a remedy for illness, Evian was accredited for allegedly improving his medical conditions involving kidney and liver problems. Believing the water to have mystical healing powers, physicians began to prescribe it as a health remedy. Decades later, the water had become so popular that the land was fenced off, and the water was bottled and sold. In 1829, the first mineral water company was founded as Société des Eaux Minérales which bottled Evian water for sales across borders.

Today, Evian is owned by the French multinational company, Danone Group, which chose CDL to manage and sell Evian in China. In terms of beverages in China, it is widely accepted as the pinnacle of premium bottled water. In fact, sales of Evian in China have been growing faster than in any other market in the world.

With more than 25 years of experience in distribution, logistics, sales, inventory management, and marketing, the team at 宁夏十一选五预测号码今天专家推测 Ltd. is committed to providing the very best products and services to US and European companies looking to sell beverages in China. CDL is the sole distributor of Evian in China, and has been selling this bottled water for many years.